Development and prosperity unattainable without good governance: Leader Dahal

KATHMANDU: The CPN Maoist Centre Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has stressed on the need of good governance to realise development and prosperity in the country.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by the Nepal Hatchery Industries Association in Kathmandu today, Dahal said, "We have talked about development and economic prosperity in the nation."

The government has to take stance for effective implementation of good governance to institutionalise it, Dahal stressed.

"Without good governance, development and economic prosperity cannot be achieved," former PM reiterated.

"Declaration is not a big deal, but effective implementation is," Dahal added.

Dahal vowed to change the working culture of the civil servants. He further said it was groomed in feudal system and existence of chote raja (small king) is prevalent in the system, which needs to be addressed for the benefit of people and the nation.

"Current rules, polices, laws, acts should be amended so as to change the behaviour of the bureaucracy to institutionalise good governance in Nepal," Dahal lamented.

Speaking on a different note, Dahal said Nepal can be made a self reliant nation, only if we have strong determination. "Nepal has become self reliant on poultry," Maoist Chairman shared.

"If we can make agriculture and agro-based areas self reliant, we can create a base for development," Dahal added.