Dhading man missing in Trishuli while extracting sand

DHADING: A man has gone missing after being swept away by the Trishuli River in Chiraundi, Baireni VDC-9 of Dhading district, on Sunday.

The missing has been identified as Maila Tamang (40) of Baireni VDC-7 of the district.

Tamang, a labourer, had been extracting sand from the flooded River when he was swept away.

According to his relatives, the increased flow of the River had made it more difficult for them to search him.

A similar incident had taken place in the same area a month ago when a labourer had drowned while extracting sand.

Construction material traders use labourers instead of machinery to carry out such a risky task because they are less expensive.

Labourers in the area often complain that their employers do not take responsibility of such incidents and the victims' families are never compensated.

On the other hand, recent regulations prohibit the traders from using excavators or other heavy equipment for sand extraction during the daytime.