Dhangadhi-Attariya road project to gain momentum as court rules in favour


DHANGADHI: Supreme Court has given the green signal for the Dhangadhi-Attariya six lane road construction to move ahead, which had been halted due to the court's previous interim order. A bench of justice Om Prakash Mitra and Sharada Ghimire decided to allow the road construction to be carried on.

The court had ordered to halt the road construction project on January 3 last month after 13 local residents had lodged a case against the project, along with demands of compensation and to stop the removal of infrastructure situated within the range of the road.

The court on Tuesday decided to rule out its previous interim order to halt the project, according to Chief of Dhangadhi-Attariya Road Construction Project Manish Kumar Shah. He said, the court's order has ruled in favour of the road construction project.

The local residents on December 31 had filed a case in the court demanding compensation as the road construction project started demolishing buildings and other infrastructures situated within the vicinity of 50-metre wide highway road.

Project Chief Shah said, "The construction work will now speed up as most of the house owners have themselves demolished the buildings." He further added, "It will now be easier to transfer telephone and electric poles as most of the buildings have been cleared out."

The road construction project that started in May last year, has a duration of two years. However, only 10 per cent of the work has been completed in the period of nine months, as ditch construction and soil filling in a few places have been carried out.