Dhangadhi faces inundation threat due to lack of drainage system

DHANGHADI: Most of the human settlements in Dhangadhi Municipality of Kailali district have been facing problem of inundation during the rainy season due to lack of drainage system.

There are altogether 14 wards in Dhanghadi Muncipality and most of them do not have drainage pipes.

According to the Dhangadhi Municiapality, ward number 2, 3, 8 and 9 among others have been mostly affected due to lack of drainage system.

Local Sanu Saudi of ward-2 informed all the areas of the municipality are covered by houses, causing problem for a way out to water.

No concerned authorities have paid attention regarding the problem.

Though roads are constructed in every ward, none of the concerned authorities have made any plans to construct the drainage system.

Mostly Jugeda, Bishalnagar, Taranagar, Bhansar Road, Campus Road of Dhangadi Municipality have been found submerged during the rainy season.

Ram Lal Shrestha, Executive Officer of the Dhangadi Municipality admit that most of the human settlements have been facing the problem of inundation during rainy season due to lack of proper drainage system.

Shrestha informed that due to lack of budget drainage system has not been constructed in the municipality.

It has been learnt the Asian Development Bank is going to implement Urban Infrastructure Project in Dhanghadi, Atariya, Jhalari and Bhimdutta Municipality of Far- Western Region from next year.