Dhanya, Ya: Mari Purnima being observed


Dhanya Purnima is being celebrated by worshipping the paddy crop and making offerings to gods and goddesses on the full moon day, as per the lunar calendar.

Many communities celebrate the festival by making different food items from the new rice and offering it to the gods and goddesses. Some communities also celebrate Dhanya Punhi by worshipping gods and goddesses in accordance with their traditions.

Fairs are organised at different places, including Dhaneshwor of Kavrepalanchowk, Anantalingeshwor of Bhaktapur and Champadevi on the occasion.

Meanwhile, people from Newar community are celebrating Ya: Mari Purnima today with the excitement and joy of harvesting new paddy crop.

Ya: Mari Purnima, known traditionally as Ya: Mari Punhi, is one of the important festivals of the Newar community.

Ya: Mari is a delicious food item made from rice flour, chaku (molasses) or khuwa, and sesame. The Newar community also celebrates Ya: Mari Purnima by worshipping the place where paddy is stored.