Diarrhoea outbreak in Siraha

Siraha, April 23:

Siraha has been facing an outbreak of diarrhoea.

With the onset of summer, gripes and cases of food poisoning have also begun plaguing the people, according to staffers of the Siraha district hospital. These abdominal diseases have been spreading due to the lack of hygiene and consumption of stale food or leftovers.

Senior superintendent of the hospital Dr Raj Kumar Chaudhary said the hospital was crammed with patients of abdominal diseases. As the hospital has run out of beds, many patients have no option left except to lie on the floor. According to Chaudhary, the number of food poisoning, gripes and diarrhoea patients is growing. On an average, 25 persons are admitted to the Siraha district hospital every day.

At Lahan hospital and Ramnagar Mirchaiyya hospital each, at least 30 patients are admitted daily, said the Siraha district public health office. Most of the afflicted are children and senior citizens.