Diarrhoea stalks Khotang, 3 dead

KHOTANG: Diarrhoea that broke out a week ago in Yamkha VDC, is yet to be brought under control. The death toll to the malady has reached three so far.

According to a local Rewat Magar, the number of patients has been rapidly increasing in the VDC. Forty more locals contracted the disease on Saturday. Narayan Ghimire, 50, of Yamkha-4, Hariman Karki, 72, of Yamkha-8 and Sukramaya BK, 80, of Yamkha-5 were those fallen prey to the disease. “Other 126 persons have been affected in the area till now,” Parshuram Acharya a health worker informed. According to him, the disease could not be brought under control despite their attempts.

In the meantime, health professionals have attributed the contaminated water for the cause of the outbreak. “Despite our tireless effort, the disease has not come under control,” a health worker said. The medical team reached the village but the district hospital has called three health staffers

back to the district headquarters citing that the outbreak was “under control”.

However, health workers

deployed in the area informed that more paramedics were


Dr Ombiju Panta said that he was unable to go to the incident site as the influx of patients in the hospital itself was pretty high.

The locals in the VDC feared the disease might spread to other adjoining areas if not controlled at the earliest.