Differently abled deprived of ID cards

Ramechhap, July 27

With the dissolution of the Office of Women, Children and Social Welfare, distribution of identity cards meant for persons with disabilities has halted in Ramechhap.

The office was distributing different types of identity cards earlier. Former chief of the office Satya Devi Adhikari said that all the documents were handed over to the local levels. “I am supposed to report to District Coordination Committee, but I have not been given any term of reference. Hence, I am unknown about my duties and responsibilities,” she said.

Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Sharma said the current law should be amended before distribution of identity cards.

Disabilities Awareness Centre Ramechhap President Badri Nayaghare said there was no clarity regarding the office entrusted with distributing identity cards to persons with disabilities. “The government did not pay attention in this regard while merging and splitting offices,” he argued.

Meanwhile, Civil Society Ramechhap Coordinator Ram Chandra Biyogi said that the government must resume the distribution of the identity cards at the earliest. “If the government needs to draft a new law, it should be done at the earliest,” said Biyogi.