Diplomatic initiatives being made to ease border blockade: Minister Saud

BHIMDATTA: Minister for Irrigation Narayan Prakash Saud has said that diplomatic initiatives are being made to lift 'undeclared embargo' by India on the border.

He said that the restrictions on the border would ease within some days and the situation would be normal thereafter.

Minister Saud shared the information while speaking at a programme in Kanchanpur to lay the foundation stone of a bridge over the Toti River at Jhalari in Kanchanpur today morning.

On a different context, Minister Saud said that a protest staged by some student unions except the Nepali Congress (NC)-aligned Nepal Students' Union to change the name of the Far-Western University is meaningless.

The university is named after Dwarika Devi Thakurani, first woman minister of Nepal, who was associated with the NC.

"The proposal to name the university after Thakurani was approved by ministers of four major political parties in the Cabinet," he said, adding that the contribution of Thakurani to the nation should not be forgotten.

He also urged the agitating students unions not to resort to such protests, recalling the act of other political party leaders to name some cross roads, Bus Parks and roads after their party leaders.