Disaster relief fund set up

Dhangadi, June 16

Cooperative Training and Division Office, Dhangadi has introduced a new policy of mandating newly registered cooperatives in Kailali to establish a Disaster Management Relief Fund to prepare for any possible disasters in future.

Acting Chief of Cooperative Training and Division Office Dhangadi, Hari Singh Saud said that the office has been preparing to send letters to existing cooperatives to establish a relief fund, and that the government has also adopted this policy to address the lack of financial preparations in case of disaster.

The District Disaster Relief Committee held a meeting in March in which they decided to include disaster management budget and planning in the statute.

The policy was introduced after the District Disaster Relief Committee sent a letter to the Cooperative Training and Division Office regarding the same.

Nine cooperatives were registered after the letter was sent to the cooperative division office, and all nine have established a disaster management relief fund, where five to 10 per cent of the companies’ profit will be deposited in the fund.