Displaced unable to return home

Nepalgunj, October 30:

People of Mugu, who were displaced due to the 10-year-long civil war in the nation, are complaining that no initiatives are being taken to rehabilitate them in their homes. These people, who are currently staying in a camp for the displaced at Rajhena of Banke, said that while other displaced persons from other places are returning home, nobody has cared to ease their plight.

Some displaced persons of Bajura and Dailekh, who were staying at the Rajhena camp, have returned home with help from some non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Some 31 families of Bajura and Dailekh returned home recently before Tihar from Rajhena camp with the help of NGOs like Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), B Group Nepal and Human Rights Conservation Forum (HRCF). Preparations are on to help more displaced people of Dailekh, Surkhet and Jajarkot return home within 15 days, representatives of the NGOs said.

Mugu residents have urged the government to create an environment for them to return home. They have also urged the NGOs to provide them foodstuff until their return.

“As the displaced people of Mugu have not given us an exact figure of the number of displaced, we are finding it difficult to arrange for their return home,” Janak Sharma of B Group said. “Some of the displaced people don’t want to return home due to the looming winter.”