Constitution Watch Group has issued a press release condemning the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

The group accused PM Oli, albeit indirectly, of attempting to capture state power. "At a time when unified attempt is expected in the House to fight the COVID crisis, any attempt to create a situation in a bid to capture state power is wrong," the group stated in its release.

The group said the dissolution of the HoR created serious obstacles that hindered the implementation of the constitutional system, parliamentary democracy and judicial system.

The group said that instead of utilising the parliamentary system for the benefit of all by following the SC's decision reinstating the HoR, the government appeared to have acted with a strategic plan with a view to reject the judicial decision.

"The government's act was not consistent with the rule of law," it added.

Constitution Watch Group said that if the legislative objectives were fulfilled through ordinances, then the validity and relevance of parliamentary elections and the Parliament would decrease.

The group said united efforts should have been made from the Parliament to address the growing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, but instead of doing so, those responsible for improving the situation appeared to be crossing limits in a bid to capture state power.

According to the group, the environment was not conducive for free elections due to the current lockdown and the possibility of health emergency.

The group added that the government should have sought to resolve issues by taking the House into confidence.

The watch group said the government failed to win confidence when it was given a chance to form the government.

"Whoever is responsible for not allowing the constitutional process to move ahead for forming an alternative government, their activities cannot be termed a good omen for Nepal's democracy and constitutional system," the group said in its release.

It also said that activities aimed at failing the constitutional system should not be allowed.

They have appealed all to introspect and pave the way for resolution of the issues. "We urge those who give low priority to people's lives, butt high priority to their lust for power to shed their illusion," the group added.

Former chief justices Kalyan Shrestha and Sushila Karki, Chair of Nepal Law Society Tirthaman Shakya, Executive Director of Nepal Law Society Krishna Man Pradhan, Chair of Nepal Bar Association Chandeshwar Shrestha and constitutional expert Bipin Adhikari are associated with the group.

A version of this article appears in the print on May 27, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.