DEO shuts illegal schools in Siraha

Siraha, June 25

District Education Office, Siraha has started taking strong action against schools running illegally.

On the first day of monitoring, at least three schools operating illegally — Lahan Rainbow International Academy, Prinstal School and Merry Children Academy — were shut by the monitoring team led by School Supervisor Bhawani Kattel, today.

Of the closed schools, Rainbow International was operating up to Grade IX, while Prinstal was operating up to Grade VII and Merry Children up to Grade VI without registering with the DEO. The monitoring team handed the written notice to shut the school to the school operators in the presence of guardians today.

Though the authorities had directed the schools several times to meet the legal criteria, they kept on ignoring it. “A meeting of District Education Council took a decision to this effect and we have begun the closure campaign,” said District Education Officer Avinda lal Karna.

A monitoring team led by Karna had recorded as many as 36 schools operating without registration, a few months ago. “We have no option but to shut all unregistered schools,” said Karna.