Divorce cases on the rise at Lamjung District Court

LAMJUNG: With the enforcement of new civil code and criminal code in the country, there has been an increase in the number of people lodging applications for divorce in Lamjung district.

Registrar at Lamjung District Court, Bhumi Prasad Sharma said that a total of 37 cases of divorce including applications from 11 men and 26 women have been filed since the new criminal code and civil code came into effect, on August 17.

Of the total 37 divorce cases, 14 of the women made compromises while a man withdrew the application, Registrar Sharma informed.

The District Court cited maximum usage of social networking sites, migration in foreign employment, early marriage among other problems faced by families as the reason for the divorce.

District Judge Komal Prasad Acharya informed that the divorce cases exceeded other cases in the court. He said polygamy, migration in foreign employment, immitation of modern lifestyle were the reasons behind the increased divorce cases. Majority of the couples seeking for divorce are those married in early ages, he added.