Kavre, February 18:

Siddhanta Gautam, 11, died of carelessness on part of a doctor in the Sheer Memorial Hospital in Banepa last night, Gautam’s family has alleged. Gautam hailed from Mahadevsthan VDC-9.

According to Siddhanta’s father Uddhav Gautam, Siddhanta was having stomach pains yesterday and was taken to Sheer Memorial Hospital where Dr Sagun Shrestha checked him and referred him to a child specialist.

Dr Jabling, a paediatrician in the hospital, who was in the hospital residential quarters at that time, did not come to the ward to see Gautam, who was vomiting blood. Dr Shrestha began administering Diazopam to Gautam as prescribed by Dr Jabling over telephone, Uddhav said. Gautam suddenly started foaming from the nose and then Dr Jabling examined Gautam. He died at 1:45 am.

Dr Jabling claimed that his prescription was not wrong but said was ready to take moral responsibility for Gautam’s death.