Docs leave needle at womb during caesarean section

JAJARKOT: A new mother is receiving treatment at a nursing home in Nepalgunj after a surgical needle was stuck in her uterus opening after caesarean section.

Doctors had mistakenly left the needle in body of Shova Singh at the District Hospital in Jajarkot 11 days ago.

Subsequently, her health has deteriorated significantly.

Dr. Deepak Pun and staff nurse Bishnu shah were involved in the operation. However, their sheer negligence has put her life at risk, claim the kin.

According to her husband, Bhuwan Shah, a police van had rushed her to Rakam of Surkhet this morning. A District Development Committee ambulance had ferried her to Nepalgunj from Shalibazar.

Now, she is under direct observation of Dr. Kumar Jha at the nursing home.

Initially, the doctors had opened the stitches to figure out the lost needle. However, only the video x-ray revealed the lost needle in her body.

The family sources said they were compelled to treat her at their residence in Thapla, Bheri Malika Municipality for 11 days due to unavailability of fuel caused by the unofficial blockade by India.