Doha fire victims’ kin receive relief fund

Lahan, November 11:

The government today provided relief fund to kin of victims of a fire at the Najma Supermarket in Doha, Qatar, some two months ago.

Four men, including three of a same village, had died and six others were injured in the fire. Zonal Administrator, Ram Kumar Subba handed over the cheques provided by the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management through the District Administration Office, Siraha, to the concerned families. The families of the deceased were given Rs 100,000 each.

Farookh Shekh and Tohid Shekh of Naraha Balkawa-3 of Siraha, Mohammad Ajijul Shekh of Naraha Balkawa-2 and Sanjay Yadav of Chandra Ayodhyapur-8 had died in the incident.

Families of Chandra Deep Yadav, Yunus Shekh, Kaiyyum Shekh, Yunus Shekh, Mohammad Jakir and Shakir Shekh, who were injured in the incident, were given Rs 50,000 each.