Dolpa schools shut for six months

Dolpa, November 24

Schools in the northern part of Dolpa district have closed for six months after mercury plummeted to sub-zero level.

One secondary school, three basic schools (running classes from Grade VI to VIII) and 20 primary schools in Phoksundo, Dolpo Buddha and Chharkatasong rural municipalities have closed with the residents migrating to warmer regions.

The academic session ends in November in upper Dolpa. Schools which close for the winter open only after six months.

“Schools in upper Dolpa have been moved to warmer regions in mid-November for six months to evade harsh cold weather,” said Ganga Ram Kathayat, a teacher at Crystal Mountain Basic School.

Chief of the District Education Development and Coordination Unit Singha Raj Dangi said it was almost impossible for students to go to school during winter as it snowed and the weather got very cold with temperatures plummeting to sub-zero levels. Local residents also move to warmer regions for about six months, along with their cattle.

Children from well-off families go to schools in Kathmandu while those from poor families go to warmer regions, along with their families, and wait for the schools in their villages to reopen.