Doms still treated as ‘untouchables’

Siraha, May 8

Though the constitution prohibits the practice of untouchability and discrimination against anyone on grounds of caste, religion and culture, people from Malik (Dom) community continue to be victimised by the so called upper caste people in Siraha.

People from the Dom community in the district are not allowed to fetch water from public taps, wells and other water sources.

Pulkit Malik Dom, 67, of Dhangadimai Municipality, is one such victim, who has to depend on the so called upper class people of the locality to fill water from the well as he is not allowed to go near the well.

Rights activists, in the presence of the local administration, allowed the Dom community to use the well last year, but people from the so called upper castes did not implement the decision of rights activists.

“We are forced to drink water fetched from the stream and sometime we don’t get even a single drop of water to drink,” said Malik.

Another victim Sunita Devi Malik, 45, of Dandatole in Golbazaar Municipality said that she could not fetch drinking water as people from the upper class did not allow her to fetch water from the well near her house. She has to walk a long distance to fetch water from another well. “I am 45-years-old now, I have not filled water in my pitcher from the public wells and taps yet,” regretted Sunita.

The municipality has installed a tube well for Sunita’s family this fiscal. However, they have not been able to use it for want of budget to purchase machine.