JANAKPURDHAM: The cases of violence against women for dowry are on the rise in Dhanusha district. As revealed by WOREC Nepal today, women who cannot bring enough dowry face torture and are also forced to leave the house.
During the interaction, the participants said the dowry system was behind the growing incidents of violence against women. Girls from poor families often face mental and physical torture over dowry.
The centre had received 81 complaints related to violence against women in the last seven months of the preceding year.
District coordinator of the centre Namrata Giri said 25 victims were provided with safe shelter, seven with medical care while 22 were rehabilitated.
Kiran Shah of Lak Nepal stressed the need to formulate law and to create awareness. Journalist Manika Jha said the cases of violence against women were on the rise, as they could not express their problems openly.