Dozens of petrol bombs thrown at cops in Janakpurdham

JANAKPURDHAM: The Janaki Temple area here in Janakpurdham has remained tense due to clashes between the security personnel and cadres of United Democratic Madhesi Front on Tuesday afternoon.

The protesters have been seen hurling petrol bombs at the police post adjoining the Janaki Temple. The Chief District Officer of Dhanusha, Kali Prasad Parajuli said the protesters threw as many as 34 petrol bombs at the security personnel.

A fire broke out at Golghar, near the police post, after a petrol bomb landed there. The District Police Office, Dhanusha, said the fire was contained by the security personnel.

The cadres of UDMF have been clashing with the security personnel in Janakpurdham for the past three days.

At least 34 persons, including 14 police personnel and 20 protesters, were injured in a clash in Janakpurdham yesterday.


UDMF cadres, police clash in Janakpurdham