Dr KC launches 17th hunger strike in Dadeldhura HQ Bagkhor

Dadeldhura, November 4

Dr Govinda KC has accused the government of appointing Dr Bhagawan Koirala as head of the Medical Council on political grounds.

“Political appointments like this in a sensitive body such as the Medical Council can’t be accepted. It is such acts in universities that have given grounds for the mafia to play,” said Dr KC, who started his 17th hunger strike from Nilkantha Bhatta’s house from 5:00pm this evening in Baghkhor, district headquarters of Dadeldhura.

Prior to launching his hunger strike, Dr KC issued a press statement and read out his seven-point demand, which include implementation of the agreement related to Medical Education Act, ending the process of appointing university officials on the basis of political affiliation in support of a fair appointment process as recommended by the Parashar Koirala-led committee, return of extra fees charged by medical colleges and scrapping of the decision to increase medical tuition fees and number of seats at the behest of mafia.

KC has also demanded that the Institute of Karnali Health Sciences be equipped with necessary infrastructure and manpower, reduced price of medicine for cancer and end to political appointments in transitional bodies and amendment of related laws as demanded by victims. Dr KC also urged the government to send doctors to fill the vacant posts at hospitals in various districts, including Dadeldhura.

“As there are no doctors at the hospitals after the adjustment, the people in Karnali are bound to make a long journey to hospitals in other parts of the country and India, so the government must send doctors to the hospital,” said Dr KC, who vowed to continue his hunger strike until his demands were met. He had underwent a health check-up at Dadeldhura Hospital before launching his hunger strike today.