Draft bill to strengthen NDC registered

Kathmandu, August 21:

The National Dalit Commission (NDC), which is working as an agency within the Ministry of Local Development, has forwarded the draft bill of the National Dalit Commission which proposes provision of legal basis for establishment of an autonomous NDC.

The NDC has also forwarded another draft bill proposing provisions to bring caste-based discrimination and untouchability practices to an end.

“We have already registered both the bill drafts at the interim parliament through the Ministry of Local Development,” said Ram Lal Biswokarma, president of NDC at a press conference organised here today.

The recent meeting of the NDC also passed the yearly plan and programmes for the body. The programmes for the fiscal year 2064/065 include creating awareness among the Dalit communities about the constituent assembly election, monitoring Dalit-oriented programmes, incidents of caste-based discriminations and providing legal support to discrimination victims, among others.

A five-member task force has been formed under the leadership of NDC member Bikram Ram to study the status of some groups who have not been enlisted by the government.