Drinking water project completed in over two decades in parbat

PARBAT: A drinking water scheme has been completed after a hiatus of 23 years in Bihadi Rural Municipality of Parbat.

Lise Gairha Drinking Water and Sanitation scheme was initiated in 1996 in order to provide drinking water service to the local residents of Barrachaur and Ranibari areas in Bihadi Rural Municipality-2 and 3.

Despite the completion of 70 per cent of the work, the scheme was in limbo due to the dispute regarding the source of water.

Following the resolution of the dispute on the water source, the construction of drinking water scheme gained momentum and was completed with support from Western Nepal Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Project (second phase) as well as the mobilisation of the local labour for the completion of the project,

After the completion of the project, as many as 193 households of the two wards were installed with taps stands which have provided access to drinking water service to public schools, institutions and temples