Drought hits Ramechhap farmers

Ramechhap, July 3

Prolonged drought has caused crops to wilt in the southern part of Ramechhap. It has not rained in the area for the past two months.

Raj Kumar Bohora, a local, said that drought had disappointed farmers as their crops had started to wilt for want of rainfall. The maize crops planted in Nagdaha and Tilpung have gone dry. Some farmers are busy sowing paddy seeds, “But, many have failed to sow paddy seeds as it has not rained for a long time,” Bohora said.

The prolonged drought has not only wilted crops. It has also caused shortage of drinking water for local residents. Tractors are being used to ferry water for drinking purpose.

Lack of water has also stalled reconstruction work in the area.

Ward Chair of Gupteswor area in the northern part of district Krishna Bahadur Sunuwar said that even the part that used to see heavy rainfall has not received rain this year. “It has not rained for a long time even in the northern part in the district,” said Bhuwan Bahadur Karki of Those.

Agriculture Knowledge Centre Ramechhap said that drought would hit the production of food crops planted in the terrace fields this year.