Dysentery kills two, hits many

Rautahat/Rajbiraj, October 17:

Two persons died of dysentery in Rautahat district today. The disease has gripped large areas of the district for two months. Jiyalal Yadav, 25, of Maryadpur VDC 1 and Nikhat Khatun, 2, of Tejapakad 2 died of the disease, said VDC secretary Shiv Shankar Barma.

Ramita Kumari, Guddi Kumari, Tejilal Yadav, Sumitra Devi and 22 others in the

VDC have been suffering from dysentery, said Barma. They are being treated at the local health post. Chief of the district health post Dr Ram Shanker Thakur said over 16 persons have died of dysentery in course of two months.

A report from Rajbiraj said cholera has broken out following months-long flooding in Saptari district. Senior official at the district health public office Rakesh Thakur said samples that were sent to the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences showed cholera germs.

The number of those dying of dysentery in Saptari district has crossed 19, he said. Dysentery has been raging in 50 VDCs including Madhepura, Bamangamapatti, Rupnagar, Odraha, Haripur, Bathnaha, Mahdewa, and Madhavpur of the district. Over 50,000 persons have been affected, said the Saptari DPHO. The DPHO has cautioned people to drink boiled water only.

Meanwhile, Dr Satya Dev Giri at the Sagarmatha zonal hospital said 12 persons were admitted there for treatment of dysentery. Other dysentery patients are being treated at Kanchanpur and Topa health posts, said locals.