EC, not parties, will set poll date: Minister

Itahari, June 5:

Minister for Education and Sports Pradeep Nepal today said that the date for Constituent Assembly (CA) election would now be set by the election commission and not the eight political parties.

“The Constituent Assembly election will not be possible in November/December as well. It will be conducted whenever the election commission thinks it is possible.”

Stating that the interim constitution would be amended by June 29, he said lack of homework and teamwork was making the polls uncertain.

Accusing the Nepali Congress (NC) of delaying the polls, Nepal said: “The Nepali Congress will have to take the sole responsibility if autocracy rears its head again.”

Saying that the “undesirable activities” of the Maoist-aligned Young Communist League were terrorising people, Nepal said the Maoists would have to pay a heavy price because of such activities.

Asked why the government did not arrest alleged bank fraud Sita Ram Prasai earlier, Nepal said: “The security agenceis could have easily arrested Prasai, however, that didn’t happen because of some ministers and NC leaders.”

He added that the culture of impunity is increasing in the country by the day.

Saying that anarchy is being spread in the name of different groups in the Tarai, Chure Bhawar region and other areas, Nepal said: “Many of the nation’s problem can be solved if the eight parties unite.”

On the agitation of the Educational Republic Forum, Nepal said: “We have held dialogues with the Forum time and again but they do not have any agenda.”

He added that it would be better to padlock the ministry or the minister’s residence than to padlock schools throughout the country.