BARDIBAS: Educationists have expressed their serious concerns over the closure of academic institutions in Tarai due to the general strike imposed by the Madhes-centric political parties for the past one-and-a-half months. Top Bahadur Thakuri, Chief of the Janata Multiple Campus, Bardibas, said that the agitators have violated their own commitment of not enforcing any sorts of strikes in the educational sector. All campuses and schools except in Bardibas Municipality in the district have remained closed due to the agitations launched by the agitating parties. Likewise, former administrator and a resident of Jaleshwor, Maheshwor Raya, said that teaching and learning activities in the eastern Terai have become a shambles due to the agitations. He said that the academic institutions should not be hindered even in the severe protests. The academicians have feared that the level of education would further diminish in the Madhes due to the ongoing agitation. Similarly, literary figure Dr Rajendra Bimal said that the agitating sides should consider that utilisation of rights was not possible due to closure of the academic institutions.