Elderly couple in search of their daughter-in-law

DAMAULI, July 23

An elderly couple of Rupakot, Tanahun, has come all the way to the district headquarters Damauli in search of their missing kin.

Citing the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Bulu for the past three years, 60-year-old Tek Bahadur Gurung and his wife Lalumaya, 54, of Rupakot-8, temporarily staying at Byas municipality 11, arrived in Damauli on Thursday to find her whereabouts.

The Gurung couple has accused Bulu’s aunt Samsiri Gurung of Lekhnath municipality, Kaski of kidnapping her.

“It was exactly three months into her marriage when she (the aunt) suddenly appeared at our home, dragged her out into a taxi, and zoomed away,” Tek Bahadur said.

Bulu and Tek Bahadur’s eldest son Anil had arranged marriage on June 1 three years ago.

“We did reach her (Samsiri’s) house many times but each time we told her to produce the daughter-in-law she pressurised her to get a divorce instead,” said Tek Bahadur, who also submitted an application to the district police office seeking help to find her, on Thursday.