Elect those who struggled for Madhes: Jha

Rautahat, November 9

Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal presidium member Anil Kumar Jha today urged voters to vote for candidates from the alliance of RJP-N and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal to establish the rights of Madhes and its people.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Gaur today, Jha, who had filed his nomination for the House of Representative from Constituency No 1 in Rautahat, said Madhes and the Madhesi people would get their rights if RJP-N and FSF-N alliance won the election. He urged voters to cast ballots in favor of the alliance to make the dreams of those who lost their lives during Madhes protest a reality.

“RJP-N and FSF-Nepal have struggled for the people of Madhes,” he said. Jha said the alliance’s win was necessary for constitution amendment.

Jha said the alliance has been struggling to empower the Madhes and its people. “Election is also another part of the struggle,” he added. Jha said it was the moral responsibility of Madhesis to elect the candidates in the struggle to ascertain the rights of Madhes.

At the programme, Babulal Sah Kanu and Yogendra Yadav of Constituency No 1 ka and Kha  respectively said the Madhesi people would support the alliance and would help elect the it.