Election activities yet to kick off in rural areas, locals confused

Biratnagar, April 17

Though the civic poll is around the corner after 18 years and election-related activities have increased in the district headquarters Biratnagar, Katahari Rural Municipality has been untouched by the election fever.

Earlier, the leaders and cadres of different political parties had reached the villages just after the announcement of the election date. It is said that the locals of the villages are waiting for May 14 and are eager to cast their votes. But no political party has reached the villages with election campaigns. “I have only heard that the civic polls will be held and I will cast the vote if it is held,” said Sameli Sahani, a local of Katahari.

Sameli said that the movement of the people for elections was very less compaed to the past years. “No one has reached the village with the election campaign,” she added. Sameli further added that she would cast her vote for those who raise the voice of development.

Local leader Umesh Kumar Rajbanshi said that the people were eager to cast their votes. “But, the leaders of different political parties have yet to reach the village,” he said. Rajbanshi added that he was quite confident that civic polls would be held. He said that the leaders had not reached the villages as one of the groups was protesting against elections.

Another local-Musharniya Devi Madal also said that she was confused whether the election would be held as there was no election-related activity. “I will certainly go to cast the vote if it is held at any time,” she said.

Parsu Ram Rajbanshi of Jadaha Rural Municipality also said that the villagers remained untouched by election activities as no campaign were held in the villages. “We are excited about voting, but the villagers are mum about the election as no leader has reached out,” he said.

It is said that CPN-UML, Nepali Congress and CPN-Maoist Centre are preparing to confirm the parties’ candidates in one sub-metropolitan, eight municipalities and eight rural municipalities in Morang.

Kushal Limbu, the CPN-MC Morang in-charge said that his party has been launching election campaign before the selection of candidates.