Election Commission gearing up for voter education

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission is gearing up for the voter education programme in view of the upcoming local level election for May 14.

As many as 5.4 million copies of pamphlets and booklets are being printed by incorporating the information about election-related laws and directive and election code of conduct.

Joint Secretary at EC Nawaraj Dhakal said both traditional and modern media including the mobile apps would be equally used for dissemination of news on voter education. Similarly, the information would be shared not only in the national language but also in regional and local languages.

The voter education programme would be reached to every citizen's doorstep irrespective of caste, creed and community. Even the mock poll would be organised to make the voters' aware of the voting process. For the voter education programme, social mobilizers, teachers and child maternal health attendants would be mobilised across the country. They would be provided training before mobilisation.

According to the SC, 21,000 volunteers would be given orientation. For this, 354 have already been provided with the ToT. It is estimated that it would cost Rs 30.4 million for the voter education.

For the local level election, it is estimated that there would be some 21,000 poll centres.