Election fever grips Saptari

  • A tough competition is expected between NC and FSF-N-RJP-N alliance

Rajbiraj, November 14

The candidates of different political parties are now busy with election publicity campaigns to lure voters and urge them to cast the ballot in their favour.

All discussion among the locals is now related to the upcoming election and candidates.

Senior leaders from different political parties are involved in publicity campaigns and chowks and toles have been decorated with election publicity materials. Election assemblies are being organised in wards and municipals on daily basis.

The Nepali Congress, left alliance, Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, among others, have been organising campaigns in different areas in the district.

The candidates have promised to bring the closed airport into operation; manage doctors and technical manpower in the zonal hospital; establish, manage and operate industries in Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial area; construct postal highway and develop the district as a religious and cultural site, among others.

Meanwhile, voters have said they will cast votes for those leaders who address the Madhes demands and develop the areas.

Chairman Upendra Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, state minister Teju Lal Chaudhary, former minister Umesh Yadav, senior vice-chairman and former minister of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Mrigendra Kumar Singh, General Secretary Manish Suman of RJP-N, among other leaders, will be contesting parliamentary polls from the district. All the candidates are busy attending election assemblies and engaging in door-to-door election campaigns, among others.

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chair Yadav, independent candidate Jaya Prakash Thakur and Umesh Yadav from the left alliance will be contesting for the parliamentary seat from constituency No 2.

A tough competition is expected between Teju Lal Chaudhary from the Nepali Congress and Mrigendra Kumar Singh from the FSF-N and RJP-N alliance in Constituency No 3.

Manish Suman from RJP-N will be contesting for the first time for provincial polls in Constituency No 2 Kha. Suman will have a tough fight with RJP-N’s rebel candidate Laxman Yadav and the joint candidate from the left alliance Mahesh Yadav.

As many as 346,200 voters will cast their ballot for 12 seats.