A herd of elephants have entered villages near northern region of Belauri Municipality-9 in Kanchanpur district.

The herd had first entered Gorakhanath Community Forest and nearby villages. It then moved to Ramghat Community Forest and Singhapaal Community Forest by Wednesday morning, shared Chief of Kunda Sub Division Forest Office, Panchakadiya, Dinesh Kumar Yadav.

Around 15-20 wild elephants that entered the villages have destroyed farms and other cultivated areas.

Meanwhile, the herd had also tried to attack a group of 12 labourers who were returning home on Tuesday evening.

The villagers have been staying awake in the night and creating noises so that the elephants do not enter their village.

According to DFO Yadav, the elephants might have travelled from Dudhhhuna National Park of India.