Ensure identity, federalism, says Yadav

BIRGUNJ: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairperson Upendra Yadav a constitution promulgated without ensuring identity and federalism wouldn’t be acceptable.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Madhesi Journalists’ Association Parsa, in Birgunj, Yadav condemned the draft constitution.

“Bringing the statute draft in the Constituent Assembly is against the spirit of the interim constitution, which has taken a strong battering from leaders and commoners alike as its copies are being torn and torched,” argued the leader, warning of a stern protest against leaders trying to impose the ‘regressive’ constitution against people’s aspirations.

“There are attempts to impose the constitution by rendering the CA a mere rubber stamp. But let me make it clear that such a constitution won’t be acceptable for us, the Madhesis and the Janajatis,” he said.

Senior FSFN leader Ashok Rai also criticised the political parties and the 16-point agreement they had signed. He vowed to keep fighting for the sake of the people both from the parliament and the street.