Environment for talks lacking, says UDMF

Kathmandu, June 16

The United Democratic Madhesi Front today sent its response to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s invite for talks, saying the government had yet not prepared the environment for talks.

In a two-page letter sent to the prime minister, the UDMF said the government had spoilt the environment for talks by falsely indicting and arresting UDMF cadres and leaders.

It said the PM’s failure to mention anything on the 26-point and 11-point demands put forth by the Federal Alliance and the UDMF, respectively, indicated that the PM was not in favour of finding negotiated settlement of the constitutional issues.

The UDMF added that unless the government made efforts to hold meaningful dialogue with the agitating forces, its efforts could not be termed serious.

The UDMF said the government did not address the front’s demands of declaring those who died during the protests as martyrs, providing free treatment to the injured people and forming a commission to probe allegations of rights violation by the security personnel during the protests.

Co-chair of Sadbhawana Party Laxman Lal Karna told THT that the front also decided to urge the government that since the front was a constituent of the FA, the government should send its invite for talks to the FA as well.

The UDMF has urged the government to implement all the agreements signed with indigenous nationalities, Tharus and Muslims on different dates, including the 22-point and the eight-point agreements signed during the historic Madhes movement.