EVs can avert fuel crisis: Experts

Kathmandu, July 26:

Experts today said that electric vehicles can be one of the best alternatives to cope with the petroleum crisis in Nepal.

Speaking at an interaction organised under the aegis of the Clean Energy Nepal and Environment and Public Health Organisation, Bibek Chapagain, country representative of the Kathmandu Electric Vehicles’ Alliance, said that there is a conflict between tight supply and increasing demand for petroleum products.

“As the demand for petroleum products increases, price rises naturally,” he said. Trolley buses and electric cars can help reduce the international price of these products, he said, stressing the need to encourage the use of hydropower in the transport sector.

Umesh Raj Shrestha, president of the Electronic Vehicles’ Association Nepal (EVAN), said, “Increased use of electric vehicles can minimise the economic burden caused by the import of petrol.”

The EVAN pays Rs 40 million to the Nepal Electricity Authority for using electricity to charge batteries of 600 electric tempos.

He accused the government of not promoting the purchase of electric vehicles.

“The government is revenue-sensitive and not environment-sensitive. That is why it is not promoting the use of electric vehicles.”