Ex-General’s call flayed

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 3:

The Janmorcha Nepal today hit out at the call to brand the agitating parties as ‘anti-national’, claiming that the recent trend of polarisation against regression has bothered the regressive elements. The remark is apparently directed at former Army chief, Satchit Shumshere Rana, who had during a programme yesterday wondered why the parties, which are trying to forge an alliance with the Maoists, should not be branded as ‘anti-national.’ Conceding that mainstream political forces had wasted time in believing that “the jackal could serve as a shepherd”, the statement which the party issued at a function held to welcome the new leadership of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has expressed satisfaction over the seven parties coming together to fight for total democracy.

“We wasted our time believing that the jackal could serve as a shepherd while we ourselves faced alienation trying to consolidate our position. But things have taken the shape of an alliance now. This explains the panic and hence the call to ban parties,” said a statement signed by Janamorcha Nepal General Secretary Navaraj Subedi and Chairman Amik Sherchan.

While the party has indicated at the alliance’s common agenda, it is, however, cautious while referring to its implementation. “There is now a relative clarity on problem identification and its way out. And there is a tremendous international backing. But all that remains to be seen in practice,” the statement added.

Reinforcing the need for a peaceful agitation, the party, which has been insisting on election to the constituent assembly to settle the issue of who should enjoy the sovereign power and power of the state, today said that drawing up a new constitution by holding the election to a

constituent assembly was the only option. It suggested that the path to new constitution passes through the revived House of Representatives. Stressing the need to open talks with the Maoists so that they stop violence and come near the parties, the Janamorcha Nepal told the alliance leaders to take note of the growing aspiration of the leaders of younger generation when it comes to defining democracy.The party has billed the current crisis as the result of regression, insurgency, socio-economic anomalies and the instance of national sovereignty facing threat even as it pointed out that a solution can be thrashed up only on political scales.