Fake marriages bare social ills

Kathmandu, September 30:

There has been a spurt in fake marriage and divorce cases across the country. The social trend — authorities and analysts explain — is attributed to personal benefits and evade law.

Around 10 fake divorce cases are being registered only in Kathmandu District Court (KDC) daily.

“Around 200 such cases are filed in KDC every month,” said Gopal Banstola, registrar, KDC.

Over the last two months, 137 and 282 cases, respectively, have been registered in KDC.

Of these only around 10 per cent are genuine cases, according to Banstola. “Both sides come to us with divorce documents. We only verify the documents but never try to find out whether they really want separation,” he explained.

“Students indulge in fake marriages. Usually, the certificate helps them to apply for a dependent visa. Once the visa formalities are over and done with, they apply for a divorce. Most of the students who go abroad for higher studies are adopting these unfair means,” said Chandradip Dahal, a consultant member.

“Though the authorities are aware of these rackets, they cannot do anything since the documents are all valid. Many also indulge in to evade the law and hide properties as well,” said criminologist Pro Dr Rajit Bhakta Pradhananga.

Rewanta Bhattarai, Stalwald Education Consultancy’s proprietor, echoed Pradhananga’s observations. “Rise in separation cases challenges the basic tenets of Hinduism. This may lead to social disorder,” explained Ram Hari Dhakal, lecturer of Sociology at Madan Bhandari Memorial College.