Far-west province govt to appoint staffers on contract

Dhangadi, November 27

The government of Far-west Province has started preparations to procure staff on contract basis citing the problem it is facing in implementing its budgetary programmes.

According to Minister for Financial Affairs and Planning Jhapat Bahadur Bohara, the provincial government is all set to start the appointment process after finalising the required procedure within two weeks.

“As the central government has failed to provide us the required manpower and the province-level Public Service Commission is yet to be formed, there is no option for us but to hire staff on temporary basis to ease manpower deficit and implement various budgetary programmes,” Bohara argued.

“The government’s failure to implement the budget months after it was unveiled has earned us enough flak from the public. So we’ve decided to appoint new staff, even on contract basis, to expedite development projects,” he added.

Ten months after its formation, the Far-west province government does not even have half the required number of employees it needs. This has further hampered implementation of budgetary and other programmes of the provincial government.

As of the end of the first quarter of the current fiscal, the province has managed to spend a measly 0.18 per cent of the capital budget and 1.66 per cent of the total budget.