Far-West wildfires kill hundreds of animals

BAJURA: Wildlife in hundreds of numbers died as many forest areas in various districts Far-Western Development Region caught wildfires of late.

Local Nepali Congress leader in Martadi of Bajura district, Dhanaraj Pandit, said dozens of moneys, snakes, deer and bird species died in fire incidents in a nearby community forest recently.

"At least two dozens of them are monkeys only," he said, adding the forest area was stinking of carcasses and after the destruction.

CPN-UML district committee leader Deepak Rawat said he witnessed wildfires in the district in the highest number this year.

District Forests Office Ranger Bishal Kumar Lama said at least 10 forests in the district caught fire recently.

Dhangadhi-based Regional Forest Directorate said as much as 72,997 hectare forest area of the Far-West Region was affected by wildfires this year.