Far-Western women ploughing fields defying traditional barriers

BAJURA: Women of Far-Western Region have begun breaking the age-old tradition by ploughing the fields, of late.

Traditionally, women were not allowed to plough. There was a belief that if women plough the field, something bad like famine and draught will occur in the village.

However, Susma Thapa, daughter of Dhanjit Thapa, in Martadi, headquarters of Bajura district, has ploughed the field for the first time by going against the conservative practices and traditions prevalent in the society.

But, not any untoward incident occurred in the village, informed Susma.

Women rights activist Rukhamani Shah said that women of the district are coming out by abolishing all those traditions that confined women within four walls of the house.

Earlier, women were banned from visiting public places during menstruation, attending funeral, performing last rites and after-death rituals of their parents.

Women these days, however, are gradually breaking the taboos, according to locals.