Farmers elated with new price of paddy

Nepalgunj, December 12

With the government starting the purchase of paddy by fixing its price, farmers can be seen these days thronging the Nepalgunj-based Food Management and Trade Company in Banke these days.

As per the government-fixed rate, farmers can sell their paddy for up to Rs 2,673.16 per quintal, which is in excess of last year’s price by 200 rupees per quintal.

“As the government has set a fair price for our produce this time, I have come here to sell my grains,” said farmer Tirtharam Kalawar of Nepalgunj-19 at the Nepalgun-based FMTC office today.

Local Shalikram Giri of Nepalgunj said staffers of the food office stayed at work even after office hours to buy paddy brought by farmers in hordes.

According to the food office Chief Bharatraj Khaniya, every day up to 35 tractors of paddy and as many cartloads of the grains arrive at the food office.

“As our purchase quota hasn’t been fulfilled, it might be till the end of December before we stop purchasing paddy,” said food office Chief Khaniya.