Farmers forced to sell paddy at low prices

Jhapa, June 14

Farmers have been compelled to sell paddy to traders at low prices due to lack of storage facilities in Jhapa.

Traders had bought paddy for Rs 800 per 40 kg last year, but this year they have been paying only Rs 680 for the same quantity.

A local farmer, Jhamak Khadka, said farmers in the district were compelled to sell paddy at low prices after traders lowered the prices on the pretext of the rainy season. Two storage facilities with the capacity of 1,000 metric tonnes are under construction in Jhapa.

Super Zone Implementation Office Chief Megnath Timalsina said farmers had dried and stored paddy using traditional technique due to the lack of storage facilities and modern equipment. He said local farmers would not be able to get good prices for their paddy until storage facilities with modern equipment were built.

Super Zone Operation Committee Joint Secretary Kanaiya Lal Ganesh said the government did not fix paddy prices and there was lack of storage facilities.

Ganesh Agro Bhadrapur Proprietor Ujjawal Shrestha said paddy prices were determined by weather. He added that paddy prices lowered during the rainy season.