Farmers receive subsidised power tillers in Dhangadi

Dhangadi, July 18

Dhangadi Sub-metropolis of Kailali district provided subsidised power tillers to farmers in the municipality today.

Three farmers’ groups, two agriculture cooperatives, three farms and two commercial farmers received 10 power tillers under government subsidy. “A power tiller costs 185,000 rupees, and the sub-metropolis has provided 92,500 rupees in subsidy for each one of them,” said the sub-metropolis’s Agriculture Section Chief Lokraj Upadhyaya.

According to the sub-metropolis Deputy Mayor Sushila Mishra, distribution of the subsidised farm equipment was in line with the municipality’s policy to mechanise agriculture. “In fact, the municipality has been providing subsidy in the purchase of various other farm equipment and machines.

Similarly, we’re also providing training to farmers, if it is needed,” said deputy mayor Mishra.

Earlier, Dhangadi sub-metropolitan City had published a notice in newspaper calling for applications to receive power tillers at a subsidised price. Among the applicants who had applied for purchase of power tillers at subsidised prices, 10 individuals and organisations were selected to receive the subsidised machines.