Federalism could be at stake in lack of inter-party cooperation: Governor Subba

PHIDIM: Province 1 Governor Dr Govinda Subba has stated that prosperity in the province is possible only if there is understanding and support between the ruling coalition and other parties in opposition within the province government.

Governor Subba, who had gone to Phidim of Panchthar for the inauguration of a festival, while talking to mediapersons noted that there will be a question mark in the implementation of federalism if the ruling parties representing the government and those in opposition are not balanced in their approach and actions.

"Even with the formation of province governments, province laws are yet to be developed and there are challenges with regard to coordination between the province centre and local levels," saying this Governor Subba further added, "with the restructuring of the country's governance system, authority of the central government has been distributed to various levels of governance, thereby facilitating the development of favourable laws for implementation within the province."

He further added that since the local and provincial governments will not be able to implement federalism effectively without coordination among the political parties, the ruling side must respect the parties in opposition and the parties in opposition must provide constructive support to the ruling coalition.

Meanwhile, during his visit, Governor Subba also worshipped at the Phidim-based Sumhatlung temple on Tuesday morning.