'Federalism in phase of implementation with commencement of SA meeting'

POKHARA: With the convening of state assembly meetings in all seven provinces, the much-awaited federalism has come into the phase of its implementation.

While commenting on the state assembly meeting of Province 4 underway in Pokhara, former lawmaker Balawati Sharma, who observed the meeting from the audience side, said, "The meeting has given a feeling to us that the hard-earned political achievement of federalism has come into implementation."

She further said that commitments made by the political parties during elections should be fulfilled in a way to make the province prosperous and bring its fruits to the lives of the people.

On the occasion, the members of the state assembly laid emphasis on developing Province 4 to be the best one by utilising its umpteen resources and means.

Likewise, federal parliamentary member Rabindra Adhikari said both the management and operation of province meeting were undertaken in an appropriate manner, considering the short time period for meeting preparation and availing infrastructure. "The state assembly members have put forth their expressions in a decent manner. The first meeting has presented the gravity of federalism."

Another parliament member Jagat Biswakarma commented that the state assembly meeting was very effective and historical.

The meeting had mainly dwelt on the agendas on exploring prosperity of Province 4. It is good beginning that the meeting has raised the issues of people's livelihood and discussed the measures to develop the province from every sphere.

While such comments were being made from the audience balcony, Province 4 state assembly member Prithvi Subba Gurung said that they were eager to showcase the strengths and potentials of their province.

The state assembly had invited all the members representing the federal parliament from Province 4. Former parliamentarians present at the meeting were also enthusiastic about the provincial assembly meeting.

Meanwhile, the first meeting of Province 4 that concluded on Monday also paid respect to the nation builder and former king Prithvi Narayan Shah acknowledging his contributions.