Fight back Maoists’ feudal ways, Tarun Dal told

Biratnagar, July 9:

Minister for Finance Dr Ram Sharan Mahat urged Nepal Tarun Dal, the youth wing of the Nepali Congress, to fight back Maoists if they play with the freedom of others.

Speaking at a regional meet organised by the Nepal Tarun Dal Central Committee today, he said, “Collection of donation forcibly and imposing ideology on others and intolerance of different opinion were the products of feudalistic mentality.”

Dr Mahat, who is also NC central member, alleged that the Young Communist League was extorting businessmen.

He said, “The party which will be in government shortly cannot indulge in activities like extortion and violence.”

Stating that the property seized by the CPN-Maoist cadres during the insurgency period should be returned, Dr Mahat said a responsible party should know the rule of law. Dr Mahat said the Maoists were yet to embrace the democratic ideals. New Nepal cannot be realised if the Maoists didn’t change their ways, Mahat asserted. He said NC’s efforts to institutionalise democracy would continue.