FIMA tells UDMF not to drag its feet

Kathmandu, January 7

Federal Inclusive Madhesi Alliance (FIMA) has accused the government of being indifferent to the Madhes movement.

Issuing a press release here today, the alliance said a solution to the Tarai unrest would be possible only when the major parties withdrew the Constitution Amendment Bill and reintroduced the Bill after forging consensus with agitating forces on constitutional issues.

Stating that the people of Madhes had shed their blood to attain their rights and the struggle would go in vain, the alliance urged the United Democratic Madhesi Front not to drag its feet and not to fall into the trap of any kind of conspiracy.

The United Democratic Madhesi Front, the alliance said, should accept a solution only when all the demands are met by the government. The alliance warned the

government not to isolate any group of agitating forces while addressing the issues raised by them.

The alliance also decided to continue its protest programmes of general strike in the terai areas and blockade of the border points.

The release stating the disapproval of Madhesis was signed by the chiefs constituents of the alliance Sharat Sing Bhandari, Anil Kumar Jha, Rajkishor Yadav and Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta.