A Dalit family in Swamikartik Khapar Rural Municipality-1 of Bajura district is facing hardship due to financial constraints.

Four family members in the family of five, dwelling in Muktikot village of the local level, have been deprived of diagnosis of their health issues, according to a local, Bal Bahadur Bishwokarma.

Janak Bishwokarma, a father of two, has difficulties with his sight. He shared that he can only see slightly during the night while hardly anything during the daytime.

Similarly, Janak's wife Reli Bishwokarma and their two children are suffering from malnutrition in absence of nutritious food in adequate quantity. It has been learnt that the family has already lost three of their children previously, owing to malnourishment.

Due to insufficient nutrition, the mother is not able to produce enough milk for her infants, and as such, she is compelled to feed borrowed powder milk to her two-month-old son while continuing to live hand to mouth.

Muktikot village is one of the poorest in all of Nepal. Due to the topography and prevalent drought, there is acute food scarcity in the area.